Friday, March 30, 2012

Learn how to windmill!
Windmill is usually the first powermove bboys learn. Its hours of training before you finally get it. Here are some drills to get you started.

Ring Training Makes You A Better B-Boy

Gymnasts get huge muscles doing rings. I trained with gymnasts and was impressed how strong they were so I started training with rings and it is now part of my bboy training. You can hang rings anywhere, here I am at one my secret training spots.

This is the goal, once you can do what he can do your body will have huge muscles.

Bboy Flare Trainer

Flares are a pain in the butt, Im learning them the opposite direction and came up with a trainer that lets you practice them.

It holds your feet letting you practice the move getting a good feel for it. Below is a link to build your own.
Build your own flare trainer

Here is an alternate support method that holds your hips instead.